Managing Director
Dr. (Hc) Radha Vijayasarathy


Warm Seasonal Greetings!!

LIFCO – 91st year.

Dear Customers, Well-wishers, Books Sellers, Traders and all those noble hearts which have made us travel and further too, our heart felt Gratitude and Pranams.

LIFCO – marching towards its 100th year is not merely the years that rolled out but the sincere efforts and hard work that we have put forth that has made it possible by the Grace of the Supreme and our Acharyan.

Apart from publications – which has been a treasure possession of every household, we have branched in to CD`s which are the reproduction of most of our books for the fact that all Mantras and Slokas are to be pronounced in an correct manner and diction and hence to facilitate the devotees these have been produced with great strain and effort by renowned Scholars and Vidwans. Each and every CD has been meticulously rendered and recorded. As Diction is very important while reciting the Mantras/Slokas.

We have also displayed various pooja items that are essential for our Nithya Karmas and Anushtanams. Gift articles have also been selectively chosen and displayed.

In continuance to our surrender to the Supreme, we have been able to organize an array of festivals to commemorate the Sahasrabdi of Swami Ramanujar, and also the 750th celebration of Swami Vedanthachariar.

We were blessed to institute the ‘Sri Ramanuja Seva Sri’ award to recognize the outstanding services of Asthikas involved in propagating the Virtues and teachings of Swami Ramanuja.

We have been able to award it to great men like Shri. U. Ve. Lakshmi Thathachar Swamy, Professor of Sanskrit at Bangalore University,Melkote. Shri. U.Ve. A.V. Rangachari Swamy, Economic Professor of Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Shri. U.Ve. M.A.Venkatakrishan Swamy, HOD in Madras University, Thiruvellikani, Shri. U.Ve. K.B. Devarajan Swamy, Hony. Director and faculty member of Swamy Nammazhwar India Foundation, Shri. U.Ve. A.M. Rajagopalan Swamy, Jothida Chakkravarthy, Editor, Kumudham Jothidam, Shri. U.Ve. T.V. Rangarajan.

We would further more take it along and by Divine Grace and shall render it to such noble men inn the Service to Supreme.

We seek your good wishes and support as always.



With Prayers to the Supreme..


Tamil Panchangam